How can you avoid the mistakes that doom most legal

innovation efforts?

Many lawyers tasked with leading complex innovation efforts have no previous

experience with such work. The idea of leading an innovation effort seems so

daunting that it can be quite relieving for them to find out that... 

  • There’s an actual roadmap for change.
  • Successful change is, in fact, possible.
  • The process itself can yield exciting results.

My name is Chris Clearfield and I’ve been helping 

change agents lead successful innovation efforts for the last few years.


I want to teach you what I've learned about how to start change

 off on the right foot.

In this change “primer,” you’ll discover:

  • Why most changes fail.
  • Why thinking in terms of solutions and outcomes is a mistake.
  • The 3 different levels of resistance that show up when people are asked to change.
  • How successful change journeys follow a cycle and how  successful teams attend to every single step.
  • The 3 things you can do today to start an empowered change journey.
  • and much more...

I’ve been privileged to help Microsoft’s Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs (CELA) team with their change efforts. Watch the clips below to hear about their experience walking through this change process.

Who I Work Best With:

  • Business owners that feel they are stuck in a rut. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to scale.
  • Business owners who are willing to make changes to their business model and process.
  • Business owners that believe they can double their income in 12 months

Candice switched positions and started working with change in a new team...

Lydia appreciated taking a step back to think about things from a higher level...

Start your empowered change journey with

The Art of Organizational Change below.

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